July 13, 2015

Psalm 43:3 Send forth your light and your truth,
let them guide me;
let them bring me to your holy mountain,
to the place where you dwell.

Many people seek guidance from God, but they often forget a fundamental point: God’s guidance will always lead us to Him. Not only is that our ultimate destination, it is also the ultimate good. There is a beautiful old hymn, Lead me to Calvary, that takes up this point, but even Calvary isn’t the ultimate destination, because Jesus is no longer on the cross. We can’t gain real intimacy with God apart from Calvary because we have to put on the righteousness of God in order to approach Him, but we aren’t to stop at the cross. We are to come boldly to God because of the cross and what Jesus did for us there, but where we come to Him is before His throne. (Hebrews 4:16) This is not “triumphalism,” thinking that we don’t have to suffer, but it is remembering that any suffering we might experience isn’t the end of the story. The darker things get around us, the more clearly we need to remember that in Christ we are already more than conquerors. (Romans 8:37) The whole point is, get close to God! Another old hymn puts it this way: “I am Thine, O Lord, and I heard Thy voice, and it told Thy love to me. And I long to rise in the arms of faith and be closer drawn to Thee.” That is really what the Psalmist is saying here.

I have known of God’s love for me from the point I knew of my parents’ love for me, and that is an incalculable blessing. However, my response to that love has been anything but consistent. I have ignored it and I have taken it for granted, but I’m not sure I’ve ever really doubted it. It’s been somewhat like the air I breathe. However, it doesn’t take long underwater, or even in a tear gas chamber, like I went through in Army training, to appreciate the air you breathe! I need to be fully aware, appreciative, and responsive toward God’s love all the time, drawing closer to Him as He shows the way. Yesterday I spoke on “Refuge,” talking about where we turn emotionally when things get tough. That certainly needs to be God, as far as I’m concerned, but I should not wait for things to get tough! As the Lord said through me yesterday, I need to be on close enough terms with Him every day so that when anything comes up, my automatic and gut-level response is to turn to Him. For that, He will give me all the light and truth I need!

Father, thank You for the privilege of drawing close to You morning by morning like this. Help me demonstrate the blessings of such a lifestyle so winningly that many others will be drawn into it as well. It amazes me and it grieves me that so few of Your children seem to pursue the intimacy with You that is available to them and that You desire. I ask You to pour Your Spirit out on this church to draw us all closer to You, to be obedient, effective children indeed, for Your glory. Thank You. Praise God!


About jgarrott

Born and raised in Japan of missionary parents. Have been here as an adult missionary since 1981.
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