A Special Post

This blog is an edit of my daily devotional writing, so this post is quite out of the ordinary. However, February 16th happens to be the anniversary of my first date with Catherine Davis Gourley, and that first date was 48 years ago. It’s now the 17th here in Japan, but it’s still the 16th where that first date took place. There were many remarkable things about that occasion, not the least of which being my writing my parents the next day that I had found the girl I wanted to marry. Eleven days after that first date we were engaged, and we were married in May, less than 24 hours after I graduated from college. (To be honest, several of our friends checked their calendars to guess when the baby would be born, but that wasn’t the situation at all. Our older daughter wasn’t born until September of the following year.) These 48 years have been a marvelous journey, made all the more marvelous by the partner “suitable for me” that God provided. I am well aware that many other courses would have been possible, and I vigorously tried to pursue some of them, and I am deeply grateful for God reining me in and setting me on His path. At this point God allows me to perform quite a few weddings, with premarital counseling required. I try to help the couples understand just how great a gift God has given them so that they may steward it wisely, for their own benefit and His glory. May all who read this likewise know that marriage is the biggest job of your life, but it carries the biggest rewards. It is God’s 2nd greatest blessing, following only salvation itself. To Him be all thanks, honor, glory and praise!


About jgarrott

Born and raised in Japan of missionary parents. Have been here as an adult missionary since 1981.
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